Life without Proctor…

…is not easy.

After classes ended and Senior Week began, the college decided to close Proctor and have Ross act as the only operating dining hall on campus. I call this a mistake of the highest degree.

It’s not that Ross food is horribly disgusting or that Proctor food is especially delicious, but, as a self-identified Proctorite, there are definitely more than a few things that I miss about good ol’ Proc:

1. Absence of Proctor granola: Proctor granola is quite possibly the most delicious food that is produced on campus. In fact, there are students on campus whose only responsibility is to prepare Proctor granola. With a special recipe that includes toasted oats, sweet walnuts, slivered almonds, brown sugar, and butter, Proctor granola has sustained me through many a breakfast and late-night study session. At times, I have found myself eating granola for all three meals, substituting real food for this crunchy, sweet manna. How difficult would it be for Ross to supply me with the only food that I would say I have ever been addicted to? As one of my friends (Hillary Chutter-Ames) would say, “Oh..there’s no granola? Then I’m not eating breakfast today.”

2. The Panini: There is nothing more satisfying after a hard day of school work than going to Proctor at 7:00 PM and making a panini. It’s something that’s completely and totally in your hands: you create the sandwich from scratch and after a few minutes you get to reap the tasty rewards. This is the kind of instant gratification that we at Midd rarely get to experience with professors who take months to grade papers and expectations from parents that rarely seem filled. The panini grill is a place to experiment, a place where creativity and originality are not only valued, but encouraged. The panini is more than just a sandwich; it is a representation of the hard-work and determination that comes from putting forth the effort to create something out of nothing. And melted cheese is always a plus.

3. Seating variability: At Proctor there are a plethora of seating options offered to students: the main dining hall for sports teams or those in a hurry, the booths for hipsters and hipster-enthusiasts, the upstairs for large groups and loners, the redfield room for that one guy, the lounge for those who want to  make it look like they’re studying, and the terrace for febs, mountain club kids, and smokers. Proctor diners are given the option to become whoever they want to be, simply by where the choose to sit. At Ross there is, really, only the large open dining hall, with smaller options located on the periphery. Not only does this make Ross a less dynamic dining hall, but I suspect that sooner rather than later the small (but powerful) demographic of hipster Asians will begin to war with the lacrosse players from New England and the midd kids who go green on many sides.

4. The sense of family: Probably the  most important thing that I miss about Proctor is the close sense of family I feel every time I eat there. Maybe it’s the low ceilings, warm colors, or the family portrait of the Huxtables that hangs in the lounge but, for some reason, Proctor always feels like a very close-knit community of extended family members who are gathering together for a large and, probably, hilariously dysfunctional reunion. I can confidently walk into Proctor and know that I will find someone to sit with, a sense of security that I don’t feel from Ross. Ross truly feels like a collegiate dining hall with its clean lines and sleek finish, something that makes my nostalgic tear-ducts sob. There is truly nothing like cozying up to a table of 15 close friends at Proctor after a busy day, knowing that, even for the smallest of moments, you’ve found a place where you belong.

While these are the four things I miss most about Proctor, there are definitely others, including:

  • Proctor food staff drama- Seriously. Watching the staff at proctor interact is like watching a soap opera, filled with love, betrayal, and secret rendezvous in the dish-washing room.
  • The Proctor crush- Never heard of a Ross crush? It’s for good reason.
  • The salad bar- The Ross salad bar doesn’t even begin to compare (note the absence of specialty pasta, rice, and vegetable salads and cold foods).

So wish me luck as I continue to dine at Ross. For every single meal.

Anxiously awaiting Proctor to return,



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  1. i am truly sorry that you have to eat in ross for the rest of the semester. my last meal at midd was eaten alone in ross and that was a scarring experience.

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