Writing on the Wall

Today, Cody and I made a great discovery. While attempting (and ultimately failing) to lower the other bed in my room, we found writing under the windowsill. It is clear that there used to be much more writing but it has worn off. Some interesting excerpts from the chronicles of Battell 152 include:

  • Roman Maoaya was here in 1984 from Costa Rica.
  • I wish they all could be California girls.
  • (In reference to above) I agree!
  • Drink on the 50 yd line. Stay at bars all night.
  • And our own addition:

Summer 2010 "2 Front Teeth" Audrey Tolbert Cody Gohl

Excuse the writing of a kindergartner. Who knew it was so hard to write upside down, in the dark, while trapped under a bed?



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