Effortlessly Vermont

Happy Memorial day to everyone!

Audrey and I have had quite the busy weekend (what with the valiant return of our pals Gemma, Abigail, and Ava). We decided that this 3-day-weekend of ours would be full of the adventures and bubbly-make-you-smile-sun-shiny-goodness that is so quintessentially summer.

And, because we are located in the beautiful state of Vermont, our three days were filled to the brim with typical Vermontian activities, which are detailed below.

Saturday: The Farmer’s Market

At 9:00 AM every Saturday morning in Marble Works, one can find a plethora of baked goods (we like the croissants from the Vergennes Laundrey tent), herbs, cheese, and local Vermonters selling their wares at the Middlebury Farmer’s Market. Because it can sometimes (always) be somewhat tricky (extremely difficult) to wake up early on Saturday’s during the school year to go to the farmer’s market, Audrey and I decided that we would go every Saturday during the summer (it’s too quaint to pass up).

This particular Saturday was kids day, which meant that there was face painting, children decked-out in wonderful tie-dyed attire (you’ll have to excuse my passion for tie-dye here), and a large white rabbit (I’m not sure if the rabbit was there for the children or not. Audrey and I almost seemed more fascinated by it than the kids).

There is nothing like being able to engage with the community in which you attend school. For me, it makes the experience of going to college all the more authentic and interesting.

After our Farmer’s Market adventure we met up with Gemma, Abigail, and Ava and eventually ended up at the Farmer’s Diner munching on cheese fries and laughing at the lack-of-sleep-induced desperation that our three friends were experiencing. We hung out for the rest of the night in preparations for the frivolities of Sunday.

Sunday: Bristol

Bristol is one of those Vermont communities gushing with that small-town nostalgia that beckons city-dwellers and the occasional band of college students to breach its picturesque boundaries. We decided to venture to this lovely town on Sunday because while Middlebury is a fantastic place to be, it’s pretty easy to get stir crazy here. So we piled into Gemma’s macchina (I need to brush up on my Italian in preparation for Language School in a few weeks) and headed onward.

When we arrived in Bristol, we made our way to the Bristol Café and Bakery, an eatery in the style of Carol’s Hungry Mind Café in Midd. After spending $ 2.25 on a tea pot (which you could then fill with the tea of your choice and refill whenever you wanted to. Which happened to be about 8 times for us) we nestled around a table on the street. With books and tea in hand, we spent the better part of 2 hours soaking up the sun and enjoying the various people that came in and out of the café (including a group of elderly bicyclists and a particularly cool young boy with spiderman sunglasses).

While not particularly exciting, the outing was nonetheless gratifyingly relaxing, providing us all with that feeling of leisure that, as we age, seems more and more fleeting.

Our day concluded with trampoline jumping back at Middlebury and a late night showing of Mulan (in which we rediscovered Disney’s inability to accurately represent politically correct ethnic situations).

Monday: The Middlebury Memorial Day’s Parade

I am a big fan of parades, so when I heard that Middlebury was going to be having a Memorial’s Day parade today, it was like my destiny had been revealed unto me. Or..well at least the destiny associated with what I was going to do with my 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM window of time this morning. I, and the rest of my parade-loving patriots, marched onward into Middlebury this morning at 8:50 AM only to find that half of the town (you’d think I was exaggerating) was already there, lining the streets in eager anticipation for the candy that was sure to come their way. We were surprised at the crowd as evidenced by Ava’s exclamation, “WHERE HAVE YOU ALL BEEN HIDING?”

The parade was a smashing success, full of all the things good parades should have: candidates for governor, war veterans, cub scouts, marching bands, and bagpipes (?) The only strange component of the parade was when this truck drove forward with a trailer attached to it, which held the contents of what I could best assume was a very angsty group of high school (?) boys singing a rather depressing rock song. The band name was Departure and as they drove forward, you could feel the raw emotion pouring out of every ironic guitar chord they strummed (as pictured below).

Also, for your enjoyment, is a short video of one of the more exciting parts of the parade when a group of clowns burst forth with drums and crazy dancing. A feast for the eyes some might say.

All in all, the weekend was a delightful preview into what a Vermont summer can truly be.



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  1. Tickles me that you love a parade! And I can’t even go there with you about the Farmer’s Market:)

  2. […] certainly has been for me. There’s nothing better than one of the “effortlessly Vermont” weekends Cody and I talk about. And with a computer and an active RSS feed featuring the New […]

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