Midd-Week Update

Haha get it? We’re in Middlebury and it’s Wednesday….

…ugh too many hours at the Helpdesk.

Anyways, Cody and I have some really exciting news to share:

1. We were approved for a space in Old Stone Mill! While this blog can surely be written wherever there is wireless, a space in the Old Stone Mill will give us a place where we can solely concentrate on providing entertaining posts for you, our readers. Furthermore, OSM space will allow us to interact more with other summer workers. Lots of Midd students are working on unique projects this summer and we would love to showcase them on our blog. So expect even greater things to come!

2. We will be performing at the Middlebury Farmer’s Market: July 31, 2010! “Audrey and the Uke” will be providing you with musical entertainment as you buy your organic, locally grown vegetables and munch on yummy croissants. This is one of the activities on our ongoing Summer Bucket List, so we’re happy to be on our way to completing all of those tasks! Make sure you come out to support us! (And don’t worry, we’ll have more than 3 songs by then…hopefully.)

Stay tuned for more updates as the summer starts to really get under way (including the upcoming start of Language Schools)!



Tonight at 6:00 PM, Audrey and I went to a gathering at the Old Stone Mill for all the summer tenants. Surrounded by copious amounts of free pizza (after living on mini-bagels and old peanut butter, this was a God send) and incredibly innovative students, we talked about the individual plans everyone had for their respective spaces and let me tell you, everything sounds amazing and the projects range from one student who is going to be working on a 3-dimensional model of the human brain and a group of students who are working on inventing backpacks.

It is going to be an amazing place to have office space in, not only because of our stellar fellow tenants, but because everyone gets to paint their space however they want to! The video below shows a glimpse into what our space will become…



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