mIdD kIDzZ 4 LyFee

“Yeah, that’s my old room! I was on the 3rd floor with Kooch!”

“When I was here, Battell was the best dorm on campus.” “No way! Stewart was the best!” “I think you both mean Allen!”

As I hear these words from floating upwards into my room, I am reminded that it is reunion weekend here at Middlebury, which means that Midd graduates from as far back as 1960 to as recent as 2005 are swarming the campus, poking around old dorm rooms and exploring new buildings while they reminisce and reflect on their time spent at Middlebury.

As an Admissions Intern, I have been given the opportunity to interact with the Alumni directly, hearing their stories and learning about their experiences at Middlebury. Throughout the weekend, there are I think approximately 1,000,000 events going on that range from a “fun” run (which I doubt is actually fun. Oh the irony of rhyme) to performances from Alumni bands in the Grille. As any self-respecting blogger would, I am going to try and infiltrate as many as these events as I can, reporting back with updates at each turn. Stay tuned for new posts and information about the weekend!



2 Responses

  1. Transalation of title please…..

  2. got it!

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