The Class of 1960

Audrey and I snuck into the 50th reunion luncheon.

I’d like to say that our rendezvous was accidental, that we, perhaps, stumbled into Ross without a premeditated agenda, but we were extremely aware of what we were doing. Maybe, too aware. For weeks we have been shut out of the dining halls like lepers, lice victims, or townies, so when we heard that there was going to be an Alumni event occurring in Ross (which included 2 different types of quiche) we didn’t think twice about attending.

Until we walked in and realized that everyone around us was in their 70’s.

In case anyone was wondering, Audrey and I are not in our 70’s and definitely could never pass like we were. Maybe no one will notice, we thought to ourselves. Yeah, we’ll just pretend to be the kids of alumni. Or..maybe their grandchildren.

Or their great-grandchildren…

As we edged our way over to the food tables, we became instantly surrounded by Middlebury graduates from the class of 1960. Worried that they might expose us (to who and for what purpose are still unclear to me. I think the lack of food has made us ultra-sensitive to ‘dangerous’ situations), we huddled together in the back of the line, until one woman started talking to us. She was a Midd grad and started talking about her time at Midd and how she and her husband (who was standing right behind her) met at Midd when they were students and how they got married right out of college. He leaned over to me and said, “yeah, Middlebury is the one thing that keeps us together.”

As we continued to talk to our new besties (what is 50 years between friends?) we realized that the strong sense of community that Midd guidebooks and the website like to boast about, but can’t obviously be real, is. Decades, presidents, and hairstyles may have separated us from truly understanding each other’s perspectives on life but, we were able to share something so much deeper: a shared sense of belonging to a place that, through its many changes, remains constant. The four years that Audrey and I will spend at Middlebury will in no doubt be very different from the years spent at Middlebury by the class of 1960 and yet the thing that binds us all together? The fact that in spite of whatever differences in time there might be, we are all Midd Kids at heart, students who came to a small rural community in the middle of nowhere, and were inherently changed forever.



2 Responses

  1. Advertising wise, I’d say this post is well worth the cost of two meals.

    In the summer of 2004, the summer before I started at Midd, I was working at a resort in Maine. A woman came up to me and said, “Are you the one who’s going to Middlebury?” Yes… She immediately grew six inches taller and exclaimed, “WE’RE PRACTICALLY SISTERS! I WENT TO MIDDLEBURY, TOO!” Keep in mind that this woman graduated in 1948! So, even before I ever set foot on this campus (yes, I never came for a tour), I’ve had a strong sense that all us crazy MiddKids are like family.

  2. I love this… great blogging guys. Witty, fun and often wise. Keep up the great work.

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