I did not have to pay for dinner tonight.

(Dramatic space to emphasize that statement)

And no, I did not sneak into another reunion meal.

In fact, when I walked down to the Old Stone Mill tonight, I had every intention of making myself dinner. Earlier today I had purchased some great food from the Middlebury Farmer’s Market and I was all prepared to be resourceful and cook something for myself. But when Pier LaFarge, an OSM tenant working on the Race to Replace campaign, told myself and some others that there was going to be a BBQ on the town’s green hosted by the Middlebury Natural Foods Co-Op, my eyes lit up like a four year old girl on Christmas morning. He might as well have told me that I had just won the lottery.

And the event did not disappoint. We feasted like kings on sausages (or tofu dogs for some of us), potato salad, and cabbage salad (is that a dish? This part of my meal went into the “compost” bin…). There was music from “The Doughboys”, a Midd band that has been heard frequently this reunion weekend. Some highlights of the evening include:

  • Seeing our Italian professor. Che bello di vedere una professoressa a una cena d’estate! (Since this is an English blog: “How wonderful to see a professor at a summer dinner!)
  • Free plants (Thank you Middlebury Gardening Club, my new aloe plant adds so much to our OSM space)
  • Free Lake Champlain chocolate (Milk chocolate with caramel mmm…)
  • Cute kids at a natural play-dough station.
  • A raffle drawing for an electric lawnmower. Doesn’t sound exciting, but the first 8 names they drew were not present to claim the gift (not an exaggeration; it was comical).

The best unexpected Saturday evening ever. I’m sure the madra short’s man dancing in this video would agree:

(Also note the product placement at around 40 sec.)

Signing off with a full stomach,



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  1. omf procure me those shorts!

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