Working at the Helpdesk this summer, I’ve become an expert in connections.

Network connections, wireless connections, ethernet connections, etc. The Middlebury campus certainly relies heavily on these technological connections to “run like butter”, in the words of the Princeton Review.

However, Midd Kids are most likely more accustomed to the other type of connections this school brings them: job connections. It is constantly amazing to me the opportunities this school presents to its students, even by being in the (midd)le of nowhere in VT.

But why might you ask am I writing on this? Well today I was offered the opportunity to work with VASA at a masters swim meet one weekend this summer. For those of you who don’t know, aka all non-swimmers reading this blog, VASA is a huge deal in the swimming world. They manufacture swimming training “benches” that nearly every elite athlete in the sport uses at some point in their training. Yes, I’m talking “Micheal Phelps uses this product” kind of endorsement.

And as luck would have it, they’re based right here in the wonderful state of Vermont.

Now, VASA did not offer me some high-up position in their company. They are not sending me to World Championships to peddle their products or anything. Actually, my work with them is pretty miniscule. Like I might get a T-shirt out of the deal if I’m lucky. But to me the opportunity is a prime example of the amazing connections this school has. When I told my swim coach I might be interested in the gig, I had no idea they were based in VT or that I would immediately be put in touch with the CEO of the company.

Talking to students at Middlebury, you will certainly be impressed by some of the opportunities they have been granted. And while Midd Kids work very hard to obtain these internships, fellowships, jobs, etc., Middlebury the school itself has to be given some credit in presenting them with these incredible experiences. I’ve often wondered how they find out about these amazing ventures, and how they get offered these jobs over other, super-eager college students yearning to pad their resumes; now I’m starting to understand.

Looks like ethernet cords aren’t the only things I’ll be connecting with this summer.



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