A Library Talent Show?

It seems that this summer at Midd has been full of unexpected events.

Including, the LIS Staff Arts and Crafts Reception that was held today in the Library. Here I am, at the Helpdesk, fiddling away with network registrations, when I hear the beautiful notes of an oboe coming from the lobby. Yes, that’s right folks, those staff members behind the circ desk know more than just the Dewey Decimal System (and maybe not even that, since we use the Library of Congress Classification System…).

Here’s a video clip of Kyle Drevline (on alto sax) and Emma Stafford (on flute):

There is also some wonderful artwork on display, as you can see in the background of the video. From jewelry to paintings to pottery, LIS is a talented bunch. Not back on campus yet? Don’t worry, the exhibit will be there until June 28th.

The reception also included chocolate-covered strawberries and blueberries. Always a plus.

The Real Artwork

Until the next unexpected summer event,



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