For the first time in almost 3 months I will be leaving Middlebury.

I will be returning to the motherland (Texas) for 11 days, and let me tell you, it’s very strange.

Audrey and I were both here when everyone was leaving during Finals week, so the ‘end’ of our freshman year was very different from that of our friends. While all of our friends were saying goodbye to Middlebury for 3 1/2 months, Audrey and I were stuck in this very weird place where final goodbyes didn’t feel quite as emotional as they probably should have. We weren’t leaving, and the only form of traveling-related-exodus we experienced was moving across campus to Battell which, scarring in its own right, was definitely not as depressing as going back to Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, or Singapore (as our friends did). My freshman year hadn’t felt  like it had truly ended but, now that I’m going home, I feel like my first year at college is finally done.

I love Middlebury and am very thankful that I’m going to be here for the entire summer, but I am so excited to go back to Texas for a while. With high school graduations and returning college friends right around the corner, this is the perfect time to reconnect with my homeland. And of course who doesn’t love the 100+ degree weather in good ol’ Texas?

You think I’m exaggerating.

So, for the next 11 days or so, I will not be blogging very much, because, unfortunately, Dallas is not located in Vermont, and the thousands of miles that will be separating me from Middlebury will make it pretty difficult to blog about life on campus. But, before I sign off, I wanted to leave you all with a list of things that I discovered last night in my attempts to prepare for my flight in T-minus 4 hours and 23 minutes…

  • Carrying laundry to Forest from Battell is extremely difficult. With sharp corners and more oddly shaped doors than in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s almost impossible to get from one location to the other by yourself.
  • There is a small room in B2N that houses an impressive ceramic pig collection. Who it belongs to and why it is there are still mysteries to me.
  • Techno music is, apparently, appropriate at any time. Thanks neighbor.

Anticipating his departure from BTV to DFW,



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