BP: Take Notice

Sorry about the delay in blog posting as of late. I’ve been occupying my time attending protests, helping lost spanish-school students, and eating a lot of cheese.

No big deal.

But, in all seriousness, things at Middlebury have certainly gotten more exciting. Just a couple of weeks ago, the most exciting thing to do was eat a sandwich (read: closed dining halls) but now, with language school kids here and constant outdoor adventures, it finally feels like summer.

One of the coolest things that I’ve done thus far while at Midd has been attending the “Hands across the Sand” protest in Burlington on Saturday with the Race to Replace army. As mentioned earlier, the movement was started in order to protest offshore drilling by joining hands and creating a human barricade against evil people who want oil (that’s right all you moms and your mini vans).

The coolest thing about the actual event happening in Burlington was that it was being sponsored by this really groovy group of middle-aged men and women who all have this incredible, undying passion for the earth, a passion that you just don’t find many places anymore.

I’m an aggressively social and inquisitive person, thanks to years of watching my Grandmother and Aunt become best friends with complete strangers in the weirdest places (like waiting in line to buy oranges or when attempting to navigate around Walgreens), so I, naturally, struck up a conversation with the lady I was holding hands with (shout out to Betsy) who told me about this environmental group that a friend and her started a few years ago that now has chapters in 32 states.

Mind blown.

The entire protest only lasted 15 minutes, but, in spite of the pouring rain, 15 minutes didn’t seem like enough time. There was something incredibly calm and moving about standing in almost complete silence, hands locked, staring out into the infinite sea, reflecting on the beauty of nature’s pureness.

All in all, an amazing experience, which was capped off by the infectiously energetic Ben Wessel rallying the entire crowd. Video provide, per usual:

Until the next wet protest,



2 Responses

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  2. I was there too, really great event, awesome turnout. Glad you still chose to participate in climate calisthenics even though you were filming 😉

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