The Real MiddKids

I am willing to admit that I am not the biggest fan of kids. My philosophy about kids goes something like this: Children are like bears. They’re cute from afar, but I definitely don’t want one.

But children are all around Middlebury and I’m starting to think I can handle these real Middkids. They can be pretty cute; running around in their Patagonia and Crocs, with organic fruit snacks.

My adventures in the childhood world of Middlebury have really come in three forms:

1. Swimming. When people find out there’s a varsity swimmer staying on campus over the summer they’re all over asking you for lessons. This has been interesting to say the least, considering the fact that I’ve never really given swimming lessons before; I’m not even a certified lifeguard. But for $10 per half hour lesson, they don’t need to know that. I also helped coach Middlebury’s summer swim team in the beginning of the month (I have done this before). My main observation from both experiences:

  • Middlebury children have very little fear. We worked on diving one day with the swim team. I was working with the beginner group, so I had very little expectations for what they would accomplish in the 30 minutes we spent on the skill. I would have been happy if they had all just jumped in. But by the end of the practice, I had two kids going off the blocks, a pretty big feat, considering the height of a swimming block can be intimidating to someone who is only 2 1/2 ft. tall. But in all honesty, a willingness to try anything is the greatest asset one can have when learning to swim.

2. Language School Children

I’ve probably watched this video over 15 times. If children are cute bears, then children speaking foreign languages are like adorable little cub bears. And with the recent commencement of the rest of the language schools has come the invasion of these cute cubs. Professors from the French and Spanish school have brought their children with them to campus and in short, they’re adorable. They run around Proctor Terrace, drawing with sidewalk chalk and riding their bikes, being cute and multilingual. Our favorite is a little French-speaking Asian boy.

3. Ilsely Library Children’s Section

Even though I may not always like kids, I would like to consider myself a child at heart. How else could I justify the amount of time I’ve spent in the children’s section of the Ilsley Public Library? I’m currently reading The Westing Game, which I tell people is for the J-term class on Children’s Literature I’m planning with Abigail Borah, but I really just think it’s a good mystery. And as far as children’s sections go, Ilsley Library is pretty badass (can I say that in a post about children?) They are always having special events, such as making sand art or tie dying t-shirts.

Over all, it’s pretty safe to claim that I’m starting to get over my aversion to kids.

I still don’t want them till I’m 50 though.



2 Responses

  1. My favorite part of language school is the kiddos running around. I love how it breaks up the homogeneity of the campus. That, and they always have smiles on their faces. Imagine being a kid on campus- I brought my kids to Proctor once for dinner, and the most impressive part for them was the creemee machine. You can just walk right up and get one. And another if you want. We got a third for the road.

  2. […] to mention that the cute French children have also […]

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