Lost in Translation

As mentioned before, Cody and I have a good friend, Nial, who is currently studying at Middlebury’s Chinese Language School. He wanted to write a blog post for us, detailing his experience thus far with language schools. However, it had to be in Chinese. Therefore, I give you the Google-translated version of Nial’s saga:

You! My name is Cui Lexiong (English – Nial Rele), I am Matilda Chinese University of summer school a third grade student. Matilda I am a normal student, majored in environmental studies, my little professional as Chinese. I give you Matilda language schools inside the University of consumption. At first I should tell you – I let the Cody and sheen O Lee (Audrey) has been translated using Google the words I write, so if a little strange translation, not my fault, is Google. I also hope that this blog is good to the appropriate level. In addition, we called the Middlebury College “Matilda (MingDe) University” because it is the Chinese name of our university. I heard that using Google translate to English time, MingDe the English translation is the English name – “Matilda”. However, I give you take, Middlebury College’s Chinese name is really meant more beautiful. For those who are interested, Ming means “bright”, De means “morality.” So Matilda is a very bright university places, many of the moral. Yes! However, first of all, our weather has not so “bright”, and they tell you that the University’s language school Matilda could be your life’s most difficult learning experience, you’d better believe they. I am now waiting for lunch, and quite happy because we finished the week to do. But the terrible meaning, we still have six weeks. Three weeks, we have nearly finished a text, learning a lot of hundred words, many new syntax. On the other hand, on the road, my level of Chinese must have been raised, there are a lot of very interesting I know the Chinese students. I think the most interesting thing is, many people from all walks of life to learn a very mysterious yet very unique language. That gave birth to a very attractive situation, every conversation (of course with the Chinese) on the attractive special life story. I am now finally excited to Hangzhou next semester. Also, I found interest in calligraphy and tai chi. It is very fun! Those extra-curricular activities are school teachers of Chinese teaching. They are really quite convincing. Looked at a lot of people I do not know on my campus so I feel a little strange, but I am willing to share. I miss my English in the world, friends, family members, but the occurrence of language schools in the Matilda is really amazing.

The original text (in case you actually know Chinese):

你们好!我叫崔乐雄(英文- Nial Rele),我是明德大学的中文暑校的一个三年级的学生。我是一个正常的明德大学生,专业是环境学,我的小专业视中文。我要给你们明德大学的语言学校的内线消。开始的时候我应该告诉你们- 我让了Cody和妵澳李(Audrey)用Google一直翻译我写的话,所以如果翻译有一点奇怪,不是我的错,是Google的。我也希望这个博客是好的到合适的程度。另外,我们叫做Middlebury大学“明德(MingDe)大学”因为这是我们的大学的中文名字。我听说用Google翻译到英文的时候 ,MingDe的英文翻译就是那个英文名字-“Matilda”。但是,我给你们把握,Middlebury大学的中文名字的真的意思比较美丽。为了有兴趣的人,Ming的意思就是“光明”,De的意思就是“道德”。所以明德大学是一个很光明的地方,也有很多的道德。不错!然而,首先,我们的天气还没有那么“光明”,而且,他们告诉你明德大学的语言学校可能是你的生活的最难学习经历,你最好相信他们。我现在在等午饭,而相当高兴因为我们的星期来做完了。但是很可怕的意,我们还有六个星期。三个星期来,我们已经差不多做完了一本课文,学习了很多百生词,无数新的语法。另一方面,在路上,我的中文的水平一定已经提高了,还有我认识了很多很有意思的中文同学们。我觉得最有意思的事就是很多人从各行各业还来学习很神秘很别致的语言。那,生了一个很迷人的情况,每一个谈话(当然用中文的)关于诱人的特别的生活故事。我现在很兴奋下个学期终于去杭州。另外,发现了我对书法和太极拳有兴趣。那都是很好玩!那些课外活动都是中文的学校的老师们教的。他们真得很心悦诚服。看着很多我不认识的人在我的校园上让我有觉得有一点奇怪,可是我愿意共享。我很想念我的英文的世界,朋友们,家人,可是在明德语言学校的发生真的了不起。

O we do miss this guy.



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  2. 樂雄,加油!这個blog post真很好看!我希望你的夏天好極了!:)

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