Party like it’s 1776

Nothing says Independence Day like clean energy campaigns and fireworks. Or well, at least for us it doesn’t.


Cody and I spent our 4th of July (er well 3rd of July) up in the good ol’ city of B-town. Pairing up with the Race to Replace team, as well as trusty photographer Ryan Kellett, we spent the day canvassing Church Street and later the Champlain waterfront, in the name of promoting clean energy awareness in Vermont’s upcoming gubernatorial election. That’s right; we spent the day being those annoying people you try and avoid whenever you’re out in public. And yes we got rejected more times than a 12 year old boy with acne, glasses, and braces at a middle school dance, but that didn’t damper our spirits. With ukulele in tow, we owned Church St.; registering youth voters and informing people on the importance of clean energy issues like it was our job (cause for some of us it is). It’s a tough job, and I definitely have mad respect now for those who put themselves out there for a cause they believe in.

One perk of the job would have to be meeting all kinds of different people. And when I say all kinds, I mean all kinds. There are those who are genuinely interested and not crazy (rare), those who want to prove you wrong, and those who are just bat-shit-off-the-wall insane. And our favorite: the people in costumes, always good for a photo-op (moose, blue wolf, Charlie Chaplin, etc – examples? See our profile pics).

We're voting for clean energy. Are you?


“I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don’t have to exchange any gifts. You just go to the beach and watch fireworks. It’s always fun.” (James Lafferty)

What would the 4th of July be without them? There is no better way to celebrate independence than by blowing things up. Our dear friend Abi so poignantly stated, “Isn’t it funny that when guns explode people freak out but when the explosions are accompanied by pretty lights, everyone ooohs and aaahs?” Regardless of whatever skepticism there might be surrounding fireworks and how ‘silly’ they are, Burlington does an amazing job with their fireworks.

After increasing the fireworks budget to $45,000 (so much for the recession? poverty? improving education systems?), Burlington put on a monster of a show full of all the wonderfully loud and colorful expulsions of light that make even the snobbiest cynics smile with the most well-intentioned Amurrrrican pride.

We also spent the night before in Bristol, enjoying their fireworks display, which although not as impressive as Burlington’s, was still respectable for such a small town. It was a quaint night; full of creemes, freedom, and cool Vermont air.

Truth Quote

Overall it was another great, effortlessly Vermont weekend!

Semper Fi,

Audrey and Cody

(title credit: Casey Mahoney)


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