From Midd to the Mid-Atlantic: Things I Missed


That’s how the jokes goes. Freshman name their first college facebook albums after it. And it’s probably the biggest worry of prospective students: how do I stay connected to the world in rural Vermont?

To tell the truth, I’ve never felt isolated at all here in Middlebury. Sure you have to drive a little ways to get to a major city (if you even consider Burlington a major city). But that’s all part of the appeal right?

It certainly has been for me. There’s nothing better than one of the “effortlessly¬†Vermont” weekends Cody and I talk about. And with a computer and an active RSS feed featuring the New York Times, I never thought I had a problem staying connected to the “outside world”.

Wrong. What I felt upon my first return home since March was nothing short of genuine culture shock. I’m sure Cody would agree after his report on the wonders of day-time television and 12 hours of sleep when he returned home to Texas. But to me, differences in recycling, partying, and scenery weren’t the most surprising thing about my return to the Mid-Atlantic. It was how out of date I was with pop culture.

At home, I might as well have been an 80 year-old grandmother who thinks Twitter is something done by someone with a nervous system disorder. Two examples:

1. Movies

Apparently this is the BEST movie ever. At least that’s what I’ve been told. But until I got home, I hadn’t even heard of it. Therefore, a conversation with a friend would go like this:

Friend: O my god! Have you seen Inception? It’s such a mind fuck!

Audrey: Um…is that a movie?

Friend: Seriously? Yes it’s a movie! Where have you been?

Audrey: Ugh…Middlebury, Vermont.

True story. And while it’s rather common for me to not buy into big movie obsessions (I’ve never seen Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, all the Harry Potters, Avatar, or the Twilights), I’ve usually at least heard of them.

2. Silly Bandz


Really? This is the latest fad? Evidently, yes. At first, I just dismissed it as a stupid middle school trend, although I would dare to say that wearing awareness bracelets (Livestrong, wuddup) at least benefited good causes. But no. I’m pretty sure all of my friends from home (college students might I add) were wearing at least one when I visited them.

I don’t get it. They’re deformed rubber bands people.

Needless to say, I think I’m much better off back here in Vermont; where I can relax, read a book, and look at some mountains. Perfectly suited for my 80 year-old tastes.

Until the next pop culture crisis,



2 Responses

  1. I think staying in “touch” with the larger “cultural” environment (I apologize for the unnecessary quotation marks), really comes down to the extent of your online activity. I guess it’s great that, as a whole, Middlebury isn’t super plugged in, particularly compared to most other students, but I’ve found it really necessary.

    As for Inception — walked downtown to see it Saturday on a whim. Pretty generic action movie if you ask me. Or only one conceptual step above it. Your time would definitely be better spent otherwise, though I do love the small-town theater vibe of the Marquis.

    And yeah, those bracelets are kinda old news on the blogosphere. But if you’re reading more books than blogs I am insanely jealous.

  2. The Marquis theater showed Inception from the day it opened and the Rainbow Room sells silly bands. You just need to look deeper, sister.

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