Summer Bucket List Update

Things have been pretty busy up here in Vermont as you can tell by Cody’s post on our whirlwind week of music. But don’t think that some hipster musicians made us stray from our quest to complete our Summer Bucket List.

In fact in the past two weeks, we have managed to knock out two of our summer goals: cliff jumping at Bristol Falls and singing at the Middlebury Farmer’s Market.

Cliff Jumping

Bristol Falls, VT

Two Saturdays ago, to beat the sweltering heat, Ryan, Syd, Olivia and I made our way out to Bristol Falls, to enjoy some natural refreshment. Bristol Falls is one of the best swimming holes in Vermont, as evidenced by the crowd of people there last weekend. Not only is it gorgeous, but there is more to do there than just sit in the water. There is cliff jumping (which only I participated in – pansies…), a shallow wading area, and you are also able to go behind the waterfall. This was especially fun, and comical, as we battled our way upstream and over slippery rocks in order to enjoy the peacefulness behind the raging water.

But Bristol Falls is not the only place to go cliff jumping in Vermont. Earlier this summer on one of the summer worker “Dunmore Days”, a group of us made the hike up to Falls of Lana. Falls of Lana is a beautiful three-tiered waterfall located just up the road from Lake Dunmore. The cliff jumping here is a bit more treacherous. I was pretty proud of myself for mustering up enough courage to make the plunge. But with encouragement like: “This’ll make a sweet profile picture!” – Dan Khan; how could I not jump?

I was actually terrified.

Audrey and the Uke

This past Saturday, Cody and I had our debut performance as Audrey and the Uke at the Farmer’s Market. So it was probably our first and last performance, but we certainly had a blast singing for everyone who came out (even if we were upstaged by a little blond boy selling hugs for 25 cents). Missed it? No worries, check out the video of us singing Wagon Wheel, the Midd Kid anthem before there was a Midd Kid anthem (cause we’ve all driven 18-wheelers down the East Coast?)

As we enter August, expect us to be cramming in more Bucket List updates in the near future (as soon as Cody gets his wisdom teeth out…),



2 Responses

  1. I hate to add to your list so late in the summer, but Field Days is next week. My personal opinion on the must thing to see would be Friday afternoon at 12:30-PeeWee Dairy Showmanship. Children from 3(!) up to 8 years old in the dairy show ring showing off equally cute calves. No competition, just lots of adorable. And don’t miss the funky chickens in the petting barn.

    • We’ll be there! Along with our Race to Replace friends who will be canvassing for clean energy. Thanks for the heads up though!

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