Fair, Field, and Fun

An event not to be missed by any Middlebury citizen, the 62nd Annual Addison County Fair and Field Days were held last week, August 10-14th in Vergennes, VT. After being assured by numerous community members that this was the event of the year, the summer Midd kids were certainly not going to miss out on some authentic Addison County entertainment.

And Field days did not disappoint. It was the quintessential county fair; complete with rides, games, junk food, barnyard animals, demolition derbies, fireworks, and more.

We began our afternoon with a wander around the Paquette Building to see some of the many vendors present at the fair (Cabot Cheese and their free samples were a big hit). We also watched part of a children’s TaeKwon Do demonstration. Conclusion: Vermont children are equally adorable and violent. We were captivated to say the least.

We made our way down to see some of the 4-H exhibits, and we unfortunately just missed “Rosie’s Racing Pigs” show. We also spent a considerable amount of time in “Dreamland”, the fair’s ride and game section. Nial was very determined to reach 18,000 points to win a prize playing Skee-Ball. No luck.

We then fulfilled our need for speed and adrenaline on the Himalaya and Dream Catcher (a pendulum, claw-like ride). I had a blast on both rides, as did Nial. Olivia opted out of the later, and Ryan just looked like he was going to be sick the entire time…

Finally, we ended our fun filled fair and field day by stuffing ourselves full of Skinny Pancake crêpes, soft pretzels, and hot Italian sausages. Possibly not the smartest decision after a rousing ride on the Dream Catcher.

As promised, the fair did not disappoint. Our only complaint was that we could not stay longer or come back another day to see more of the events offered. The fair would certainly have been a great place to take kids, although I will say everything was a bit pricey.

In my opinion though, everything was well worth it and I hope to attend many more field days in the future!

Till the next tractor pull,


(Photo Credit: Ryan Kellett)


2 Responses

  1. I wish I had an event like this where I’m from. Too bad I’m in a little po dunk town with nothing cool. Oh well, hope y’all have fun.

  2. Even the picture of the dreamcatcher still makes me a little uncomfortable.

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