Middlebury’s Own Chocolat

In a town that rarely seems to change (Middlebury is a Main St. kind of town, of course), it’s always a pleasant surprise to stumble upon something new.

In this case, the new discovery has come in the form of Middlebury Chocolates, an independently run chocolate shop that has recently opened in downtown Middlebury. Today, Charlie, Olivia, Whitney and I ventured to town in search of the wonderful chocolates and warm chocolate beverages that we had heard were amazing and decadent.

Luckily for us, all the rumors surrounding the chocolate goods were incredibly true. The four of us essentially ordered everything on the menu: chocolate truffles, warm cacao (that was actually warm, not hot, as Charlie Arnowitz freaked out about), and cookie sandwiches in hopes to sample all that the newly formed eatery has to offer.

And everything was amazing. We (read: me) ate everything pretty quickly, using every variation on the word ‘good’ that we could to describe the chocolate creations. Once we had finished, we decided to have a conversation with the owner of Middlebury Chocolates, Stephanie.

Stephanie, a native of North Carolina, told us that her focus for the café is to make sure that everything always remains local (most of the products and ingredients come from farms located within a 20 mile radius). She described how she wanted to find an environment that was close-knit and would support her local interests. We all told her that Middlebury was the perfect place for her.

With a location overlooking Otter Creek Falls, and an owner that seems down-to-earth, this spot is going to become very popular. And to boot? Stephanie confided in us that she is going to be getting wifi soon.

I may never leave.

Until the next truffle,


PS. Stephanie is looking for couches. Anybody have a few to spare?


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