Fresh Meat: 2014

The Middlebury College class of 2014 has (slowly) begun to arrive on campus, and let me tell you, they look about as eager and fresh-faced as any new Midd Kid is when they first catch a glimpse of the College on the Hill.

Beginning this past Saturday (the 28th) with the International students, a small stream of student athletes, resident life staff and various other members of the student body have begun to repopulate what was an almost deserted campus. With these students come the resurgence of parking difficulties, lines at the cream cheese station, and a sense of what being a student at Middlebury truly feels like.

And it’s extremely weird.

For the past month or so, we (the students staying over the gap between Language School and the regular Academic School Year) have had the entire campus to ourselves, which has made the place a ghost town (try to imagine the entire campus as inhabited by only about 25 people). But, with all the new students, things are slowly beginning to transform back into the Middlebury College that all of us are used to.

It’s odd to think that as our summer here at Middlebury is drawing to a close (we’ve still got 5 days, mind you), a new slew of adventures are beginning for the class of 2014, and  with the addition of about 580 more students on the campus today (for Domestic Orientation), we’re pretty excited to observe the look of wonder upon all of the new Panther faces.



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