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Audrey Tolbert (2013): Hailing from Perryville, MD (haven’t heard of it? Neither has anyone at Middlebury), Audrey is working as a Helpdesk minion this summer at Midd. With no previous experience with computers (aside from frequent tweeting and watching youtube videos of Celtic Women), Audrey is your go/togirl for all things related to pressing the computer’s on button. Her passions? Pretentiously speaking French, listening to classical madrigal music, and drinking 13 cartons of orange juice a day. Her life motto: “There’s no half-singing in the shower, you’re either a rock star or an opera diva.”

Cody Gohl (2013): Cody (meaning “cushion” in Old English), is from Dallas, TX, and yes all stereotypes apply. Working for Admissions, he woos prospective students with his witty banter and charming shaggy hair? His plans for the summer include: whistling annoyingly, learning to play the ukulele, learning Farsi (so he can whisper sweet nothings to his roommate), no longer being angsty (to see previous angst see his middle school Xanga), and other hipster things that will probably never happen. This blog is dedicated “to all his real gorillas thuggin’, on top of corners everyday strugglin’, all the beautiful womens gettin’ money, washin’ them dollar bills like laundry.”


6 Responses

  1. omf

  2. this is very entertaining.
    i look forward to future posts.

  3. Perryville!? Where the heck is Perryville!? Hi Audrey, I like it so far! Look forward to seeing more posts! 🙂

  4. Wonderful and just the experience I wanted for you! I want to go back to Shelburne Farms, also.

  5. […] this time of year, as a couple of students found out recently. The observation comes from the duo behind the blog English Spoken Here: A Summer at Middlebury. It’s a hoot and well worth […]

  6. …ah how I miss working at the Helpdesk during summer.

    Keep strong.

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