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September 6, 2010

With the first day of classes behind us, we just wanted to say thanks so much for reading and following us this summer!

Don’t be too sad that we’re ending the blog: you’ll still be able to get your weekly dose of our wit and charisma as both of us will be writing for Midd Blog this coming year!

Till our next Vermont summer,

Cody and Audrey


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu
September 5, 2010

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you. (Did you really think I could make it through this whole summer without a Sound Of Music reference?)

But in all seriousness, seeing anything great come to an end is really hard for me. And to say that this summer has been great is quite an understatement.

Cody and I created this blog on a whim the night we moved into Battell, sometime in late May. To be honest, I didn’t think much would become of it. I thought we would half-heartedly post every now and then, and as the summer flew by I figured we would forget about it by the end of June.

That was not the case though. The blog soon became much more than a way to let our friends and family members across the country know what we were up to. It became a sort of multi-media scrapbook of our Vermont summer. We went to great lengths to make sure our experiences weren’t just written accounts of what happened, but that they were supplemented by photos, videos, audio recordings, etc; anything to create a more complete representation of our incredible escapades. It will be so nice to have this blog in the months and years to come as a way to look back on a fantastic time spent with fantastic people.

We posted a lot this summer on our Summer Bucket List, a list of things we HAD to do before the end of the summer. Well, we never went to Montreal, or Boston, and even though Cody bought a bike by the end of the summer, we never made the trek to Fort Ticonderoga. And while these may have been our grand plans, so many other things happened this summer that definitely warranted a place on our bucket list.

Therefore, I give you our last Summer Bucket List update (in no particular order):

  1. Learn obscure phrases in various languages from your friends who are attempting to not break the language pledge. (i.e. – “Meine hampster ist gestorben.” and “Wo pa paopao.” )
  2. Convince boatloads of prospies that Midd is the best place on Earth. (Between Admissions and Swim Team recruits, Cody and I are practically going to be responsible for the entire class of 2015).
  3. Make drives to Burlington like it’s the town next door.
  4. Get to know numerous Middlebury faculty and staff. Even babysit their kids/dogs/houses.
  5. Become super close with an amazing group of people in a beautiful town during one of the most incredible summers of our lives.

I had high hopes for this summer. Every other June, July, and August of past years is full of memories of swimming, swimming, and more swimming. And while, these are certainly things I cherish, I was tired of the same old routine. A summer at Midd was the perfect remedy. I truly had the time of my life and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that was a part of it. I’m glad we will be able to look back on these memories (and this blog) together with smiles on faces in the future.

So tonight we say goodbye to the summer and hello to the new school year. Goodbye to forced meals in Redfield Proctor, goodbye to sleepovers in basements in 100 degree weather, goodbye to swimming holes and lakes, goodbye to board games in town apartments, goodbye to warm starry nights and rooftop talks. But hello to new and old friends, hello to more growth and learning, hello to crisp fall air, hello to the Proctor booth room. Bittersweet.

Hating to go and leave this pretty sight,


Fair, Field, and Fun
August 17, 2010

An event not to be missed by any Middlebury citizen, the 62nd Annual Addison County Fair and Field Days were held last week, August 10-14th in Vergennes, VT. After being assured by numerous community members that this was the event of the year, the summer Midd kids were certainly not going to miss out on some authentic Addison County entertainment.

And Field days did not disappoint. It was the quintessential county fair; complete with rides, games, junk food, barnyard animals, demolition derbies, fireworks, and more.

We began our afternoon with a wander around the Paquette Building to see some of the many vendors present at the fair (Cabot Cheese and their free samples were a big hit). We also watched part of a children’s TaeKwon Do demonstration. Conclusion: Vermont children are equally adorable and violent. We were captivated to say the least.

We made our way down to see some of the 4-H exhibits, and we unfortunately just missed “Rosie’s Racing Pigs” show. We also spent a considerable amount of time in “Dreamland”, the fair’s ride and game section. Nial was very determined to reach 18,000 points to win a prize playing Skee-Ball. No luck.

We then fulfilled our need for speed and adrenaline on the Himalaya and Dream Catcher (a pendulum, claw-like ride). I had a blast on both rides, as did Nial. Olivia opted out of the later, and Ryan just looked like he was going to be sick the entire time…

Finally, we ended our fun filled fair and field day by stuffing ourselves full of Skinny Pancake crêpes, soft pretzels, and hot Italian sausages. Possibly not the smartest decision after a rousing ride on the Dream Catcher.

As promised, the fair did not disappoint. Our only complaint was that we could not stay longer or come back another day to see more of the events offered. The fair would certainly have been a great place to take kids, although I will say everything was a bit pricey.

In my opinion though, everything was well worth it and I hope to attend many more field days in the future!

Till the next tractor pull,


(Photo Credit: Ryan Kellett)

August 10, 2010

A common site to be seen around Battell these days:

Every Other Room

As summer workers start to go home, and Language Schools approach their end this weekend, Middlebury is starting to get cleaned out.


And while Cody and I are here for the long haul till the beginning of school, we hope those of you traveling away from this college on the hill had a fantastic summer!

And if you get nostalgic (the sentiment of our generation), check out this awesome photo blog by Midd Kid Isaac Sadaqah ’11.

Hurry back,


The Good Ol’ Days
August 9, 2010

Apparently they used to have pins for English speaking students on campus…

Credit: Abigail Borah

Oh the days when we were loved.



Let It Be
August 4, 2010

Guess I wasn’t pretty enough to make it into the shot…


Summer Bucket List Update
August 3, 2010

Things have been pretty busy up here in Vermont as you can tell by Cody’s post on our whirlwind week of music. But don’t think that some hipster musicians made us stray from our quest to complete our Summer Bucket List.

In fact in the past two weeks, we have managed to knock out two of our summer goals: cliff jumping at Bristol Falls and singing at the Middlebury Farmer’s Market.

Cliff Jumping

Bristol Falls, VT

Two Saturdays ago, to beat the sweltering heat, Ryan, Syd, Olivia and I made our way out to Bristol Falls, to enjoy some natural refreshment. Bristol Falls is one of the best swimming holes in Vermont, as evidenced by the crowd of people there last weekend. Not only is it gorgeous, but there is more to do there than just sit in the water. There is cliff jumping (which only I participated in – pansies…), a shallow wading area, and you are also able to go behind the waterfall. This was especially fun, and comical, as we battled our way upstream and over slippery rocks in order to enjoy the peacefulness behind the raging water.

But Bristol Falls is not the only place to go cliff jumping in Vermont. Earlier this summer on one of the summer worker “Dunmore Days”, a group of us made the hike up to Falls of Lana. Falls of Lana is a beautiful three-tiered waterfall located just up the road from Lake Dunmore. The cliff jumping here is a bit more treacherous. I was pretty proud of myself for mustering up enough courage to make the plunge. But with encouragement like: “This’ll make a sweet profile picture!” – Dan Khan; how could I not jump?

I was actually terrified.

Audrey and the Uke

This past Saturday, Cody and I had our debut performance as Audrey and the Uke at the Farmer’s Market. So it was probably our first and last performance, but we certainly had a blast singing for everyone who came out (even if we were upstaged by a little blond boy selling hugs for 25 cents). Missed it? No worries, check out the video of us singing Wagon Wheel, the Midd Kid anthem before there was a Midd Kid anthem (cause we’ve all driven 18-wheelers down the East Coast?)

As we enter August, expect us to be cramming in more Bucket List updates in the near future (as soon as Cody gets his wisdom teeth out…),


From Midd to the Mid-Atlantic: Things I Missed
July 21, 2010


That’s how the jokes goes. Freshman name their first college facebook albums after it. And it’s probably the biggest worry of prospective students: how do I stay connected to the world in rural Vermont?

To tell the truth, I’ve never felt isolated at all here in Middlebury. Sure you have to drive a little ways to get to a major city (if you even consider Burlington a major city). But that’s all part of the appeal right?

It certainly has been for me. There’s nothing better than one of the “effortlessly Vermont” weekends Cody and I talk about. And with a computer and an active RSS feed featuring the New York Times, I never thought I had a problem staying connected to the “outside world”.

Wrong. What I felt upon my first return home since March was nothing short of genuine culture shock. I’m sure Cody would agree after his report on the wonders of day-time television and 12 hours of sleep when he returned home to Texas. But to me, differences in recycling, partying, and scenery weren’t the most surprising thing about my return to the Mid-Atlantic. It was how out of date I was with pop culture.

At home, I might as well have been an 80 year-old grandmother who thinks Twitter is something done by someone with a nervous system disorder. Two examples:

1. Movies

Apparently this is the BEST movie ever. At least that’s what I’ve been told. But until I got home, I hadn’t even heard of it. Therefore, a conversation with a friend would go like this:

Friend: O my god! Have you seen Inception? It’s such a mind fuck!

Audrey: Um…is that a movie?

Friend: Seriously? Yes it’s a movie! Where have you been?

Audrey: Ugh…Middlebury, Vermont.

True story. And while it’s rather common for me to not buy into big movie obsessions (I’ve never seen Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, all the Harry Potters, Avatar, or the Twilights), I’ve usually at least heard of them.

2. Silly Bandz


Really? This is the latest fad? Evidently, yes. At first, I just dismissed it as a stupid middle school trend, although I would dare to say that wearing awareness bracelets (Livestrong, wuddup) at least benefited good causes. But no. I’m pretty sure all of my friends from home (college students might I add) were wearing at least one when I visited them.

I don’t get it. They’re deformed rubber bands people.

Needless to say, I think I’m much better off back here in Vermont; where I can relax, read a book, and look at some mountains. Perfectly suited for my 80 year-old tastes.

Until the next pop culture crisis,


July 21, 2010

We only wish we would have written this:

Peace out, Girl Scout.
July 9, 2010

It is now my turn to venture home and leave this blog in the faithful hands of my pal Cody. I’ll be in Maryland starting tomorrow till the 20th, so my posts will be on the lighter side. Maybe you’ll get an entry on the cultural relativism of the Mid-Atlantic, but I’m not sure it can compare to the antics of those Dallas folk Cody reports about.

For those of you in Middlebury, enjoy the continuing heat and humidity. It’ll be even worse where I am; seriously. But, try not to have too much fun without me.

Much love from the 21903,